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Bill & j's Billy Box Adventures

Due to Bill's recently diagnosed celiac disease and our preparedness mindset, we want to move to a place where we can raise and grow our own food, hunt and fish as needed, and get back to basics.

And, since we can run our business from anywhere (including the road in the "Billy Box"), we'll be sharing our adventures during this process (altho it's been on hold past few years due to Bill's health).
If you know of any property that might fit our below wish list, please call 1-888-999-4325 or email info@itsadisaster.net . Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated!

A "wish list" for our new personal farm/orchard includes...

  5 to 40+ wooded acres somewhat off beaten path (but not too far ~ maybe 30 minutes from town w/services) up against National or state land.
 o  Agriculture growing zone 7 (prefer East or NE Texas or maybe S/SW Missouri)
 o  Access to neighbors selling goods and/or near Local Harvest / Farmers Market network
 o  4-season greenhouse or 2
  a well with good water table
  water on property (a river, spring or deep pond desired)
 o  mature fruit & nut trees / personal orchard (apples a MUST!), berries, etc. One or 2 of everything (from apricots to pawpaw to pomegranates) would be very cool!
 o  basement or part of house underground and/or a root cellar, etc.
  o  targeted budget about $150k - $300k or so

       Bill & j's "Billy Box Adventures"      

# 1  July 2009: The maiden voyage...  (4-pg PDF)

# 2  Sep 2009 - Arizona Beauty   (12-pg PDF - mostly pics)