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Funding ideas for volunteers, schools & others

Since 1999 Bill and Janet Liebsch have been dedicated to developing and marketing programs that primarily benefit First Responders, volunteers and schools.

Agencies, volunteer groups, civic clubs, churches, nonprofits, schools and others should think of IT'S A DISASTER! books and ebooks on CDs and flash drives as "tools" that help deliver preparedness and safety information into businesses and homes while earning tremendous cash and match benefits.

Download 2-pg article in PDF 
Download a 2-page overview  (PDF) with ideas and revenue sharing examples for groups wanting to form Public-Private Partnerships to help whole communities.

Or visit our Public-Private Partnership page
 to learn more and download a free mini ebook!


Ad / Sponsorship Program
 Collaborative ways to educate communities and provide up to 100% profits for local volunteers (like CERTs, MRCs, Explorers, etc), nonprofits & schools
Referral Program
 Earn 10% on "referred" bulk sales just for spreading the word

Traditional Fundraiser
 K-12 schools & youth groups can earn up to 70%+ profits on prepaid orders!

Please call 1-888-999-4325 to learn more or to request a free information kit!