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IT'S A DISASTER!  for Government agencies, Nonprofits,
Volunteer or Youth groups, Schools, Churches, Civic clubs, etc.

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FedHealth's customizable IT’S A DISASTER! ...and what are YOU gonna do about it? book is a unique tool for
Government agencies, volunteer groups (like CERTs, MRCs, Explorers, etc.), nonprofits, faith-based organizations, civic clubs, schools and youth groups to help your local communities prepare for the unexpected.

The 266-page paperback provides quick-reference instructional bullets in 2-color format with tips on what people should think about and do before, during and after specific types of emergencies and disasters, as well as how to administer basic first aid.

The Government / nonprofit / volunteer / school price is only $3.50 U.S. (or 75% off list) in support of our fundraising and grant programs.

Plus we provide FREE customization ~ either with peel & stick labels
(any quantity using our standard red books) ... or ... in the print process (1,000 units and up).

And if you want to upgrade your order to add 48 to 288 extra full color glossy pages (up to 300 custom pages), the government/nonprofit upgrade price is $5.50 U.S. each … and the business price is $6.50 each. (Note: Upgrade price includes free freight within 48 contiguous U.S. states.)

There are also "match" benefits available since the discounted products and our donated services provide about a $3 or $4 to $1 return on match ... and we have funding ideas that could support your efforts. And our custom CDs, flash drives and eBooks are unique ways to distribute this life-saving data.

Learn how to order .. or consider upgrading your bulk order to include a 48-page (or more) color glossy insert added into book and get ads and sponsorships to help fund your groups and provide savings for communities. 

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Books:    5th Edition, 266 pages, ISBN: 9781930131255, Dims: 8-3/8" x 5-3/8", Wt: 12.4 oz.
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     $14.99  $3.50 U.S. each + freight -- Call 1-888-999-4325  

       This discounted price supports our existing grant and fundraising programs.


eBook:       $14.99  $2.50 U.S. each (downloadable 282-pg PDF 83% off list)
                             (1.7MB PDF with user-friendly navigation links, bookmarks & hundreds of web links)

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                              We also do custom ebooks in bulk (500 units & up) ~ call for details 
CDs:            $14.99  $3.25 U.S. each (100 & up)
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Flash drives:   Please call 1-888-999-4325 for details and pricing.

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