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Ad - Sponsorship ideas using disaster books

Many times agencies and groups want to purchase IT’S A DISASTER! books for local volunteers and citizens, but don't have any money in their limited budgets. Plus nonprofits, schools and First Responders are always looking for ways to raise money.

So ~ a creative way to get local businesses involved is to sell advertisements or acknowledge sponsorships inside books (or CDs or eBooks) ... and Fedhealth will print the ads and data for FREE and throw the value in as "match" on your paperwork.

Collect anything you can for ads / sponsorship: 
Let businesses, service clubs and others know they can pay for Ads with cash, lines of credit, barter or trade (basically whatever you can get) ... and keep it all since Fedhealth prints them for free..!

Advertisements, coupons or coupon codes, lists of sponsors, logos and other messages can be added to a custom book print, a custom CD or bulk eBook order ... or done with free peel & stick labels.

Learn more and see some examples of earning potentials by clicking below graphic to download a 2-page article from our enews...

  Download 2-pg article w/ funding examples
Also download our 2-page Ad Kit in PDF with examples and specs ... or 1-pg Ad Artwork Layout Tips handout with specifications for potential advertisers or sponsors (same as page 2 in Ad Kit).

And click below to download a 10-page PDF overview with some examples...

Download 10-pg overview in PDF

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Or learn about some creative Public-Private Partnership ideas, view some custom samples or call FedHealth toll-free at 1-888-999-4325 for more information.