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FedHealth's Affiliate Program associated with our "IT’S A DISASTER! ..." books and eBooks offers individuals and groups the opportunity to earn 10% - 50% on each sale!

Here’s how it works:

There is NO charge to become an Affiliate. Just sign up and place a text or banner link on your site. When agencies, groups or businesses click on your link they are taken to FedHealth’s Main Home page. If they purchase paperback books or a downloadable eBook, our friends at 1Shoppingcart.com process the order and track any associated commissions. 



All affiliates can earn 50% (or $7.00 U.S.) on each $14.00 U.S. paperback to consumers / preppers and businesses .. plus there's a 2nd level commission of 20% (or $2.80) on these!  

And earn 30% (or $2.10) on each $7.00 paperback book ordered online by consumers and businesses .. plus there's a 2nd level commission of 10% (or $0.70) available.

And earn 10% on each $3.50 paperback book ordered online by Government agencies, nonprofits, volunteer groups, churches, schools, etc (or $0.35 U.S. per book).

And finally, affiliates are paid 20% on each $2.50 eBook (or $0.50 U.S. per order).

If anyone contacts us via phone and mentions they saw it on your site, blog, etc we'll pay 10% - 50% of any orders too! (We always ask callers how they heard about us.)

Please note: If you are an Amazon Associate, consider linking our 5th Edition paperback ISBN 9781930131255 on your blog or site. Thanks!

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