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Chasing 4 Life & Associates

Chasing4Life has over 140 programs in use that can be tailored by specific topics for different age groups and events.

Their preparedness and training campaign brings new instructors, a broadened scope of programming, and a tremendous increase in trainings for fire departments, emergency management agencies, law enforcement agencies and disaster response organizations.

And FedHealth's Red Book, which C4L has sold and used for years, continues to be part of their programs with C4L's Disaster Bible (currently available in PDF).

Chasing4Life's Red Book Tour...

Imagine every member of your community with a manual on disaster preparedness in their hand. Sound impossible? It’s not; in fact, there are communities across America that have already experienced this phenomenon with customized IT’S A DISASTER! books.

Now imagine that when your books arrive and you begin to distribute them, the Chasing4Life team arrives prepared to present disaster preparedness programs in your local schools, your local libraries, your churches and to your local community organizations and businesses.

Imagine a community-wide focus on disaster preparedness over a period of 3 days or a week.

Imagine the results.

Programs that could be a part of YOUR Red Book exerience:

     K-12 School Programs
     Chamber of Commerce Community events
     Business Continuity workshops, seminars or conferences
     Church outreach educational events
     Leadership training for NPs and community orgs
     Emergency Management Agency Trainings
     Fire Department Programming and Trainings
     Public Library Programs and Special Events 

And C4L can coincide your dates with the release of your book order. Events are customized to fit age groups, geographic disasters, seasons, special interests and concerns, current events, etc. 

Learn more about C4L & Associates at www.chasing4life.org or call 1-888-999-4325 for more information about the Red book. 

Chasing4Life is an educational organization under the direction of well-known author/educator Eddy Weiss with a vision to change the way America views the issue of disaster preparedness. C4L's team of educators present over 700 programs nationwide each year reaching hundreds of thousands of people. www.chasing4life.org