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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQs about us and our "IT’S A DISASTER!" products & services
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Q. Who is Bill and Janet Liebsch and what / who is Fedhealth?

Q. Why are your prices so low?
Q. What is match and why is it so important?

Q. What if my agency or volunteer group can’t do a "fundraiser" or accept a donation?
Q. Isn’t this too much information for citizens?

Q. How do I get my products customized?
Q. What are my freight options?
Q. Are your products available online or in bookstores?
Q. Do you have any other products?

Q. Who is Bill and Janet Liebsch
(pronounced Leepsh) and what / who is Fedhealth?

A. We are the company’s founders, authors and publishers of "IT’S A DISASTER!" books, CDs and eBooks … but we’re actually just two average citizens trying to help our country.

In 1996 we formed Federal Health & Safety Corporation and created our trade name as Fedhealth. We tried becoming a nonprofit entity, however the IRS had some concerns about our collaborative Advertising / Sponsorship ideas [i.e. to get businesses involved to help nonprofits, volunteers, schools, etc … plus it was taking too long] so a new for-profit entity was formed in 1999. The legal name is now Health & Safety Information Corp, but we do everything under our trade name Fedhealth.

Since 1999 we
have over a million copies in circulation and developed many exciting fundraising programs for schools, youth groups, nonprofits, First Responders and their volunteer groups (like Community Emergency Response Teams [CERTs], Medical Reserve Corps [MRCs], Explorers, Ham radio clubs, etc.).


Q. Why are your prices so low?

A. We print about 20,000 to 25,000 books per run a few times a year and, since we are the copyright owners, publishers and do all customization in-house, we can keep our overhead low. And since there is a lot of resistance to this subject matter, we market our discounted products direct to government agencies, businesses, nonprofits, civic clubs, faith-based groups and others so they can personalize them and GIVE them away.

Unfortunately most of these groups have extremely limited budgets for community education so we’ve developed collaborative Public-Private Partnership programs to help fund and support volunteers, youth groups and others so it can become a community-wide project and benefit everyone involved.


Q. What is match and why is it so important?

A. Federal, state and local grants sometimes require the applicant to come up with a percentage of match to receive the funds (e.g. like 25% of the amount being awarded). Match can come in the form of documentation that proves to the grantor that an agency or nonprofit received contributions like donated goods or services, money, etc.

Our products provide about a $3 or $4 to $1 match on the discounted price for government agencies, nonprofits and groups like Citizen Corps and others. In other words, you get $3 or $4 worth of match for every $1 spent when you add in our labor and costs to do the customization, any savings on freight we pass through and other donated goods and services. Plus if volunteers get local businesses involved to help sponsor a purchase or place ads inside the books (or CDs, flash drives or eBooks), every penny spent can also be classed as match giving groups access to future dollars.

All of our donated goods and services are itemized on paperwork so your agency or nonprofit can utilize that value as in-kind or community match. And if additional paperwork is needed ~ just ask!

Some nonprofits live on match to keep their doors open while other NGOs and agencies have taken these values out to the matching grants programs and doubled their money.

Please let your Grant people know about this tool since all of our products qualify as community / public education, plus it’s a perfect "draw down" vehicle. For example, say an agency has leftover dollars in various grant or budget buckets that need to be cleaned out before a specific date or it will be returned to the State or Fed. We can individually Receipt each bucket in unit price increments (depending on the product) .. or we can back into a specific dollar figure within an hour of your request to commit funds before the money goes away.

And we can explain the match benefits in a sole source letter since we are the copyright owners and publishers. We are also registered on GSA's SAM database, Ariba and various state and local procurement systems. And, if we are not in your county or state's purchasing system, just ask since we can register on it as needed.

If you have further questions please
email or call 1-888-999-4325.


Q. What if my agency or volunteer group can’t do a "fundraiser" or accept a donation?

All of our fundraising programs have been designed to help fund and support First Responder volunteers, nonprofits, schools, faith-based organizations, civic clubs and others, but we also understand there are some who cannot accept a cash donation.

We are more than willing to purchase needed equipment or items for the amount due your group … or we can give you that amount in books. And we’ll still customize those books (or CDs or flash drives) so groups can convey their special messages to recipients. Or … we can just hold that amount as a credit towards any future purchase ~ whatever is best for your agency or group. And we welcome ANY other ideas or suggestions.


Q. Isn’t this too much information for citizens?

A. This actually hasn’t come to us as a question … but we have been scolded several times by officials saying this is "too much information for the average citizen". Well … Bill and I are "average" citizens and we believe what you DON’T know can KILL you.

We’d rather give people the data and let THEM decide if it’s too much. It's a helpful and easy-to-use reference manual and, during a time of crisis, this information could save a life

Our hope is that if the book (or CD or flash drive with eBook) is in every home and office in our country, people will sit down to read and discuss parts of it, especially with children, teenagers and seniors. With knowledge comes power and … if more people would learn what to do before, during and after certain types of scenarios, it could alleviate a lot of stress, anxiety, fear and problems.

We’ve had many officials and experts review, critique and contribute data in our book over the years. And thousands of City, County, State and Federal officials, organizations and businesses use our books across the U.S. and Canada. Plus we add new topics and verify data each time we print so it’s as current as possible.

And with the ability for agencies and groups to collaborate with businesses and local partners to include advertisements, freebies and other discounts inside custom books, it hopefully incentivizes the public to get more involved in preparedness.

And we welcome and appreciate input from the field … drop
us an
email with your comments, suggestions, reviews or topic ideas.


Q. How do I get my products customized?

A. Fedhealth provides FREE customization on books, eBooks, CDs and flash drives so groups can personalize them for employees, customers, members, volunteers and local citizens.

Some ideas for customization include things like local Emergency numbers, local plans, maps, shelter locations, special thank you messages, marketing data, etc ~ basically anything you want conveyed to the people receiving it. You can even change the book TITLE … we don’t care!

Or make it a community effort and have your local volunteers (or schools) get local businesses and groups to help sponsor a purchase or sell Ads. Those groups can keep all the money (or barter, trade or lines of credit) and we’ll print the custom data for free!

In small quantity and on rush book orders, we do it with peel & stick labels using our standard red books ... and in larger volume (1,000 units and up), we can personalize books in the print process. The first 11 pages of the paperback can be personalized with your data on full color glossy pages ... and, if more pages are needed, you can upgrade to insert extra full color glossy pages in the front or back (call 1-888-999-4325 for more information!)

Customizable CDs or flash drives (500 units & up) allow businesses, agencies and others to hand out copies of "IT'S A DISASTER! ..." on a convenient CD or drive. The PDF version of our book is about 2MB leaving lots of room for local maps, plans, training materials, and marketing or promotional data.

Check out samples and overviews on our Free Customization page, read about our Ad / Sponsorship ideas or call 1-888-999-4325 to brainstorm.


Q. What are my freight options?

A. If you are outside the 48 contiguous U.S. states, freight costs depend on the quantity of books (or CDs or drives) being ordered so we encourage groups to call or email for estimates, duty charges (if in Canada or overseas), etc. Our printer has locations worldwide so we have that option as well, esp. if you are needing a large quantity run.

In small volume we offer Ground options. Large orders (8 cases or more) are shipped via motor freight and we will get the best rate possible to help offset costs. Domestic and Canadian shipments usually take 3-10 business days.

Our suggestion is if you are outside the U.S. contiguous states either call us toll-free at 1-888-999-4325 (7a-4p Pacific Mon - Fri) or drop us an email and we’ll provide you some options passing through any savings.


Q. Are your products available online or in bookstores?

Since 2000 our paperback has been available online and in some stores, however a majority of our sales have been custom books in bulk direct to government agencies, businesses and organizations. We also have some nonprofits and preparedness sites reselling our book to members and the public. Our products are available in bulk direct from us and through normal book channels like Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor and others. Resellers and distributors are welcome to contact us by calling 1-888-999-4325 or via email.


Q. Do you have any other products?

Currently we have our customizable paperback, CD, flash drive and eBook and can do customizable booklets ~ call for details.

We also are considering doing a Spanish version but don’t have a specific release date yet. We will consider other languages too but realize it costs tens of thousands of dollars for a professional translation, and we have to print a minimum of 25,000 books at a time so would need to have enough orders / requests to offset the investment.

Someday we do hope to have additional booklets and titles on other health-related topics keeping our "…and what are YOU gonna do about it?" theme and the same reference format.

One title we are considering doing is called "UR FULL OF CRAP! ...and what are YOU gonna do about it?" explaining Bill's health ordeal with heavy metals, toxins, parasites, leukemia, T-cell disease and celiac disease.

But for now our IT’S A DISASTER! products have taken a life of their own, plus we feel it is critical we get this data into the public’s hands to help educate them so they can become part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

Also ... check out the action packed Primal Deity series by Allen Ozark published under our Fedhealth Fiction division.

You can learn more about our book and
our funding programs and, as always, feel free to call 1-888-999-4325 or email if you have any questions, ideas or needs!

And please ~ help us spread the word