Fedhealth              BE AWARE... BE PREPARED... and HAVE A PLAN!

Books:  Some examples of paperback customization include...

  • putting logos, names & messages on front / back covers ~ you can even change the book Title (on 1,000 units & up)!

  • adding full color informational or promotional data inside (e.g. evacuation maps, shelter locations, emergency ph#s, advertisements or Sponsors, etc.) on first 12 pages in print process. (In small quantity we can still personalize several pages or covers of our standard red book with free stickers.)

  • upgrading to add 48 to 288 extra full color glossy pages in front or back (these are great for businesses and others wanting color advertisements, marketing, or sponsorship data in books and share revenues)

  Agencies, businesses, schools & others can customize books... 

  Call 520-907-2153 to discuss your needs or learn more about this collaborative tool.


ebooks, CDs or Flash drives:  (500 units & up) Examples include...


  • adding other documents/files on PDF/drives (e.g. emergency plans, maps, handbooks, Training or promotional data, audio/video files, etc.) with our ebook;

  • collaborating with agencies, businesses, service clubs and others to get ads, sponsorship or data and make it a community-wide effort;

 Call 520-907-2153 for information about bulk ebooks, CD and USB drive sizes, pricing, etc.

Fedhealth can help design stickers, books and eBooks so groups can spread their messages to employees, volunteers, customers, members and local citizens. See samples and overviews above, view Partial Client List , learn how to order, or call 520.907.2153.

Fedhealth customizable Its A Disaster books

Free Customization       

Fedhealth provides FREE customization on our 266-page disaster preparedness books, eBooks, CDs and flash drives so agencies, businesses and groups can personalize them for local recipients.

Books can be customized in the print process [on 1,000 units & up] .. OR .. with peel & stick labels on our standard red books [10 units & up].