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School Links

Cool Stuff for Educators, Kids, Parents & School officials
(Note: each link opens a new window)

American Academy of Pediatrics  (disaster preparedness to meet children's needs)

American Psychological Association  (books, videos, articles and news on topics like bullying, natural disasters, trauma, violence, etc.)

American Red Cross  (Youth Programs like Masters of Disaster, etc.) 

American School Counselor Association  (resources and publications for Counselors & Members, Administrators and Parents & Public)

Canadian Red Cross  (offer Youth Programs like RespectED, etc.) 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s BAM! Body and Mind  (stuff for kids age 9-13 & Teachers)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Healthy Schools Healthy Youth! (health topics like Crisis Preparedness & Response, Injury & Violence, etc.)

Center for Safe Schools (resources for the prevention of school violence and recovery after traumatic events, list of State School Safety Centers, etc.) 

Central Intelligence Agency’s Kids Page  (games and data for grades K-12, Parents & Teachers) 

Environment Canada  (resources for Educators)

EPA’s Students for the Environment  (games and resources for grades K-12, Teachers, Parents, etc.)

Federal Bureau of Investigation - Kid's Page  (K-12 stuff, FBI stories, etc)

Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction  (ck out "Protecting Our Kids" program for Canadian child care centres) 

KidsPeace (resources to help kids deal with crisis) 

McGruff.org  (safety advice, games and info by the National Crime Prevention Council) 

National Association of School Psychologists (stuff for students, families & Educators)

National Fire Protection Association 
Firewise  (lesson plans, exercises and links for Educators) 
Sparky the Fire Dog  (games and info for young kids) 

National School Safety and Security Services (specializes in school security, training, assessments and consulting for K-12 schools - good resources, free newsletter, etc.) 

National School Safety Center (solutions, products and free resources for schools and communities) 

NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration)
NWS Lightning Safety  (Teacher Tools, Kids Page + a cool lightning data map)
NWS Public Affairs Links for Kids  (coloring books, Science programs, etc.) 
Storm Prediction Center Online Tornado FAQ  (all kinds of data about tornadoes)

Pandemic Flu School Planning page (checklists, tools and guides for schools provided by U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services) 

Parks Canada  (Teacher Resource Centre has lesson plans, fact sheets, etc.)

PBS Nova Wave That Shook the World  (info about the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami)

PBS Online SAVAGE EARTH  (interactive site about earthquakes, volcanoes & tsunamis)

PTA  (search "school safety" to find guides, programs and resources for parents and educators)

Ready Kids (tips for families and kids on how to prepare for emergencies & disasters) 
Smokey Bear.com (data on wildfire prevention, real-time wildfire map, Kids page, etc) 
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Students Corner  (also check out Teachers' Lesson Plans, Periodic Table of Elements, etc.)

U.S. Secret Service Safe School Initiative (scroll down to read SSI threat assessment resources on school shootings and other school-based attacks)  

U.S.G.S. Earthquake Hazards Program  (USA and World earthquake maps, Kids page, etc.)

U.S.G.S. Volcano Hazards Program  (USA and World maps, classroom exercises, etc.)

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