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Referral Program

Many government agencies, businesses and organizations already purchase "IT'S A DISASTER!" books for customized giveaways to employees, members, customers and local communities.

Below shows how volunteers (like CERTs, MRCs, Volunteer Fire Depts, etc.), nonprofits, schools and others can complement their fundraising efforts just by spreading the word about our customizable preparedness tools.

     o  Designed for groups to help raise funds without taking orders,
         collecting money, etc. 

     o  Volunteers
just refer businesses, agencies & groups to Fedhealth’s
         web site or toll-free # 

Fedhealth does ALL the work 

Earn 10% on referred bulk orders that contact us

Say a volunteer group refers their local EM or Health Department … 

     o  Agency calls Fedhealth direct and orders 1,000 books

         Cost to agency for books:                             $  4,500
            (1,000 x $4.50 / book … plus free customization)

TOTAL amount earned for referral:         $    450
           (Referring group gets 10% of sale from Fedhealth)

Or a Volunteer Fire Dept refers a Power company …

     o  Company calls Fedhealth direct and wants 20,000 upgraded, larger books

Cost to business for customized books:           $140,000
        (20,000 x $7.00 / book … plus free customization)

        TOTAL amount earned for referral:         
$   14,000
        (Referring group gets 10% of sale from Fedhealth)

And remember ... these amounts are non-dedicated, matchable dollars! And ... if groups cannot take a cash donation ... we can purchase needed equipment or provide that value in books.

Basically, groups should think of our products as "tools" that deliver safety and preparedness information into consumers' homes while helping fund their on-going efforts!

call 1-888-999-4325 if you'd like to learn more or want to discuss ANY ideas. We'd love to structure something that could help fund and support YOUR organization and help our country "be aware, be prepared, and have a plan".  (See above example in 1-page PDF.)