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Download revenue sharing ideas & examples (2-pg PDF) 
... and a free ebook (56-pg PDF) ... and please share them with others!

Free Disaster Preparedness ebook + Revenue Sharing Ideas

IT’S A DISASTER! provides quick-reference instructional bullets in 2-color format with tips on what people should think about and do before, during and after specific types of emergencies and disasters (including active shooter scenarios), as well as how to administer basic first aid. 

We encourage agencies, businesses, volunteer groups, faith-based organizations, civic clubs, associations, youth groups and nonprofits to use customized books by discounting them up to 70% off list (or as low as $4.50 US each) … plus FREE customization

Its A Disaster free ebook

A portion of Fedhealth book proceeds benefit the U.S. First Responders Association

Fedhealth customizable Its A Disaster books

Since 1999 groups around North America have used our customizable book to educate local communities and raise funds for volunteers and first responders. (Feel free to download a free ebook portion of IT'S A DISASTER! ...and what are YOU gonna do about it?  (Note: 56-pg PDF is part of our 266-pg book so you can see contents, layout, etc. Also download some revenue sharing ideas & examples in PDF.)

Fedhealth revenue sharing ideas ads custom books

Learn how to order books or full ebook, view some custom samples or call Fedhealth at 1-888-999-4325 for more information.

Some groups keep it simple and get custom books for employees, volunteers and local citizens ... while others join forces with area partners to make it a community-wide initiative and share ad revenues with others. You can...

  • Customize books with your own title, logos, evacuation maps, shelter data, emergency plans, marketing or safety information, etc. for FREE;

  • Collaborate with American Legions, Chambers, Rotary Clubs, Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs), college Ad & Marketing Clubs and others to include advertisements and coupons inside books ... plus book qualifies as community education on grants;

  • Collect cashlines of credit or barter / trade for ads to help fund groups and sustain your project and FSC can help manage ads and projects for you;

  • Include discounts on day-to-day products and services to help incentivize people and save them money on supplies and daily needs;

  • Partner with others to combine grants, sponsorship dollars, ad + sales revenues to expand projects (and consider sharing ad revenues with nonprofits & groups who collaborate);

  • Upgrade order to add 48 to 288 extra full color glossy pages (for a total of 300 customizable pages) and collect revenue for the color ads;

  • Earn tons of match from books and ad revenues that can be used on matching grants programs;

  • Give books to schools, Scouts, CERTs, MRCs, Fire Depts or other volunteer groups to help disseminate materials to your local communities!    


For example, say you want...

  • 5,000 customized books delivered (using 250 pages for coupons and discounts for the public + 50 pages for local information wrapped around our 266-page disaster preparedness and first aid manual).

  • And you partner with local Rotary or Chamber and charge local members / businesses just $0.16 per page (less than a postcard) for full color ad on glossy paper...

  • Gross Revenue collected (5,000 books x $.16/pg x 250 pgs)  =  $200,000 

  • Total cost for 576-pg books delivered in U.S. (5,000 x $7 ea)  =  $35,000

  • Gross Profit earned  =  $165,000 minimum! And if you collaborate with local American Legions, Chambers, Rotarys, Kiwanis, college Ad/Mktg Clubs, etc. you can share the revenue so everyone benefits!!


Businesses will line up year after year to be involved in something so beneficial to their community and something so inexpensive.

And the public will look forward each year for the latest book full of discounts and freebies from advertisers and keep this valuable tool around all the time saving money on day-to-day products and services. Or consider having Fedhealth Services Corp manage a book project for your community ... or combine your custom books with the FirstLine opportunity.

It’s a genuine Whole Community Preparedness program that generously funds nonprofits, Volunteer Fire Depts, Chambers, Rotary Clubs, Citizen Corps and others!