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From Frank Hollister – Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Wyoming County Health Department  (Article appeared Warsaws County Courier April 12. 2007) 
… This year, the Wyoming County Health Department is rolling out Disaster Preparedness to the community through the newspaper, radio and our kids. That's right, our kids. I am the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for Wyoming County. This year we are really trying to push community education and awareness.
… One of the ways that we are trying to get that message out there is through the Warsaw Junior Tigers football and cheerleading program. They are currently doing their first fundraiser, which involves a book endorsed by the Health Department called The book is a great tool for everyone to have in his or her house, car, camper or cabin. … This book is currently only available through the Junior Tigers, but future plans will make it available through school boosters countywide. It is a great way for the kids to make money for their fundraisers, and a great avenue for us at the Health Department to spread the message of personal preparedness. … 

From Gary O'Keefe, Retired Firefighter & Disaster Services Coordinator,
MVFD & Latah County, Idaho
Having served 37 years as a structural firefighter and 20 years as a Disaster Services Coordinator and primary responder on hazardous materials incidents in Latah County, Idaho, I am quite familiar with those functions necessary to protect life, property and the environment. To that end, It's a Disaster! ... and what are YOU gonna do about it?, by Bill and Janet Liebsch, is the best single source of guidance I have encountered. Bill and Janet have compiled factual information from a variety of reliable and trusted sources in federal, state and local governments; from the private sector (such as the Red Cross); from industry and from a wide variety of emergency management professionals who constantly review and help edit the manual. … 

From the Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research (MCEER) Information Service Web site State University of New York at Buffalo (Posted to the MCEER "Items of Interest
" page April 2006)
 ... This fourth edition publication combines disaster preparedness, prevention, and basic first aid for the first responder and general public use. Chapters introduce various hazardous situations including tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, terrorism, and earthquakes, and discuss how citizens need to respond and react to stay alive and safe. Generic issues of the guide contain national emergency organization contact information, however the guide can be personalized to serve as a directory for a town, county, or other municipality, and is encouraged to be used as a customizable giveaway and/or fundraising project.

From Craig Marks, CEM, President, Blue Horizons Consulting, and Adjunct Faculty, UNC Chapel Hill Disaster Management Program (Appeared in International Association of Emergency Managers' IAEM Bulletin Book Reviews January 2005)
… There are lots of books out there dealing with disaster preparedness, or first aid, as a resource guide. Few are indispensable. Few are ever read by the general public. It's a Disaster! ... and what are YOU gonna do about it? is an indispensable guide for the general public. It brings together all the facets of disaster preparedness, coupled with what to do when disaster strikes. Let's face it, when 48 percent of Americans don't think anything bad will ever happen to them, how do we help them prepare for something they don't believe will happen - or if it does, will happen to someone else? It's a Disaster! is the answer. … Fedhealth's goal is to get this book into people's hands. They accomplish that task in a variety of innovative partnerships with the public and private sector. Books can be customized with your agency's logo for giveaways or fund-raising events. Their web site has lots of ideas on how they can partner with your agency to help inform the public. This book is well thought out and crafted. It's everything we would have wanted to put in a book if we had the foresight to undertake this project. 

From Barbara Pamboukes, RN, BSN, MEd. - President, New Hampshire School Nurses Association  (Article appeared in NHSNA Newsletter Volume 5, Issue 3, Spring, 2003)  
… I first learned of this book from Gregg Champlin, NHOEM at the 2002 NHSNA Spring Conference. We did a presentation together on the "School Nurse Role in Comprehensive Emergency Management Planning for Schools." This book is not only a good resource for families, but a great fund raiser for school organizations, … I would recommend the book as a reference for home use, a resource for first aid and disaster preparedness and as a fund raiser for your school community. As a school nurse I advocated a "safe and healthy" fundraiser to our PTO as an alternative to selling the usual unhealthy candy and snacks to our community…

From Rick Tobin, CEM – TAO Emergency Management Consulting
Posted to the International Association of Emergency Managers’ LISTSERV April 2002
In the middle of all this other stuff going on, I did get a chance to read through two books last week that might be of interest to our loyal LISTSERV users.
Report on Senator Bill Frist, M.D. "When Every Moment Counts: What You Need to Know About Bioterrorism from the Senate’s Only Doctor." ...
The second book comes from a (company) called FedHealth. ... I'm very suspect of fund raising ideas based on emergency management products, so I looked pretty hard at this product. Bill and Janet Liebsch have actually developed a very, very useful book, "Its a Disaster! and what are you gonna do about it?"
There are a lot of books floating around that provide background that the public could read about disasters and preparation, like "They Laughed at Noah: Preparing for Natural Disasters," by Kellye A. Junchaya (another book I keep on my desk), but those types of books are not really what the public are going to pick up and use during an event, especially under stress. "It's a Disaster" is a different beast. I really like it and I compare it favorably to "When There Is No Doctor: A Village Health Care Handbook" by David Werner (another book I keep on my desk). "It's a Disaster" uses red highlights to lead the reader. It cuts right to the topic and doesn't waste the reader's time with background. THIS IS AN ACTION TEXT.
As you know I'm taking on the role of Chair for my county's Disaster Council. I'm going to propose that we evaluate this book as a product to be used by our schools to raise funds, some of which can be used to build up our Neighborhood Emergency Support Teams, or even SAR. I'll let you know how it works out. If we can get this book in more of the public's hands it will help reduce our work load. I give it a thumbs up.

From Peter Baker, American Red Cross
This is the best and most comprehensive book I have seen covering both first aid and disaster preparedness for individuals and families. Businesses and organizations can use this book to help citizens prepare for emergencies and disasters at the workplace and at home.

From Joshua Fowler, Executive Vice President, Home Builders Association of Greater Tulsa
The board of the HBA of Greater Tulsa feels any way we can ease disaster and emergencies in the lives of our citizens, we are obligated to do so. It is simply the right thing to do. We are pleased to offer this useful book to our members.

From Contingency Planning & Management’s BCP Bookshelf  (Volume VI; Issue Date: November, 2001)
In an easily readable format, It’s a Disaster! provides concise, bulleted information for the layperson on how to prepare for and deal with a variety of disaster scenarios. Bill and Janet Liebsch recognize that effectively preparing for emergencies must occur not only on national or regional levels, but on the level of individual households as well.
... Upheaval can take many forms, from natural disasters like floods and earthquakes to manmade catastrophes like the release of hazardous materials, terrorist acts, or nuclear power plant emergencies. It’s a Disaster! runs the gamut of what to expect during the entire disaster lifecycle. How can your family mitigate the damages and losses from events involving wind, floods, earthquakes, fires, winter storms, or lightning? How can you protect your family and assets during a disaster? And what about the inevitable aftermath—handling emotions, returning to a damaged house, getting government aid, and helping others?
Also included are extensive information and tips on basic first aid for injuries and illnesses, such as bites, breathing problems, broken bones, bleeding, burns, choking, drowning, cold and heat-related illnesses, head and neck injuries, poisoning, shock, and stroke. To aid readers in finding outside resources, national, state, and local FEMA and emergency management offices are listed.
Bill and Janet Liebsch are the founders of Fedhealth, a publishing and marketing corporation formed to help the public focus on preparedness and health-related issues.

From British Columbia Public Safety and Solicitor General’s Provincial Emergency Program (PEP) PEPTALK Newsletter  (Posted online in PEPTALK September 2001)
‘It’s a Disaster … and what are YOU gonna do about it?’ is an excellent emergency preparedness manual
American company Fedhealth, has published the second edition of "It’s a Disaster … and what are YOU gonna do about it?" The, 200-page soft cover publication, is an excellent basic first aid and disaster preparedness manual. It’s divided into four substantial sections and covers a wide range of topics: family information and personal checklists; information and tips on basic first aid; disaster preparedness; organizations’ emergency contact names and numbers. A majority of the manual’s information comes from various publications including the Red Cross, the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Canadian federal Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection and Emergency Preparedness.
The manual’s premise is that the more the public is prepared for a disaster, the less strain is placed on local emergency services. The phrase "be aware, be prepared and have a plan!" appears right in the introduction. The book mentions a variety of products that can help families obtain cost-effective solutions.

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