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2015 e-news
(each month opens a new window)


Nov/Dec 2015
(Holiday food safety tips for people & pets; Mid America TEEN CERT disaster drill for scouts; Firehouse Subs Public Safety Fdn helps responders; ElNinoReady.org; Data Privacy Day, etc.)

Oct 2015
  (Water - how much do we use + purification & conservation tips; USFRA Classifieds; Disaster Staffing Toolkit; Winter prep tips; Stop the Bleed campaign; The Drinkable Book, etc.)

Aug/Sep 2015
  (College preparedness + creative ways to fund Student Clubs; More custom book samples; NPM & PrepareAthon resources; REFRESH AMERICA campaign; TACOPS, Emergency app, etc.)

Jul 2015
  (New book pricing and new custom options; Need books for NPM or PrepareAthon?; K-12 School Safety Guides; Disaster Response app; ICE4Autism; Safe Room resources, etc.)


Jun 2015
  (Data backup & recovery options and tips; SAR teams need body parts; Using #SMEM during Exercises; SKYWARN field guide; National Tribal Amateur Radio Assoc., Ecocapsules, etc.)

Apr/May 2015
Our new TX address; Small custom book project nets BIG bucks; Mobi sites online; Book order changes; Free guides for EMs and School Nurses; Cybersecurity Lab game, etc.)

Mar 2015
  (Volunteer Firefighter Crisis, PrepareAthon, FirstNet updates, PTSD/TBI chat, Silent 911 call procedure, rapid Ebola test, Exo shelters, reuniting pets & families after disaster, etc.)


Feb 2015
  (I married a mutant [understanding MTHFR]; Going to print soon; PTSD/TBI & Active shooter resources; Hashtag tips; Supercell/lightning connection; eSurge project , etc.)


Jan 2015
Evacuation & Sheltering tips; Data visualization, Radiation detection training + LAR tools for responders; Fukushima Unit 4 clear; Bacterial slime & bugs; preparedness app for kids, etc)


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