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Affiliate Programs

Download a free 67-page portion of our 284-page PDF ebook to see contents, layout, links and more. PDF functions best with Adobe Reader on a PC.

Fedhealth currently has 2 Affiliate Programs -- one associated with our PDF ebook (more below) ... and one we're doing with a company selling Covid Rapid Test Kits (for antibodies) that are deeply discounted for businesses, agencies and families. Learn more about kits and how you can earn $$

Fedhealth's Affiliate Program associated with our IT’S A DISASTER! ...and what are YOU gonna do about it? ebook offers individuals and groups the opportunity to earn 30% on each digital copy sold (including bulk ebook orders too!)

Here’s how the PDF ebook affiliate program works:

There is NO charge to become an Affiliate. Just sign up and place a text or banner link on your site. (Find some banner images below) When someone clicks on your link they are taken to Fedhealth’s cart and, if they purchase our PDF ebook, our friends at e-Junkie processes the order and tracks the 30% commission or $1.50 on each $5.00 U.S. ebook order (~70% off list).

ebook Pay-Out schedule:

Commissions will be paid the month after ebook payments are received. All ebook affiliate payments are sent via Paypal between the 1st and 5th of each month for the previous month's sales. In order for you to get paid on an online sale, the referral must click off your Affiliate link or banner. We also pay commissions on referred bulk book and ebook orders and have other funding ideas. Also learn how to make commissions on Covid rapid test kits

Some It's A Disaster! ebook banners:

It's not necessary but feel free to save and use any of these images on your site or blog, but be sure to program your unique Affiliate link assigned to you by e-Junkie on the image. If you have any questions or needs, please email affiliates@fedhealth.net or call us at 520.907.2153 and thank you for helping spread the word!