​​​Fedhealth              BE AWARE... BE PREPARED... and HAVE A PLAN!

Fedhealth provides free customization on our 266-page preparedness & first aid manuals and PDF ebooks so agencies, businesses, nonprofit organizations, volunteers, schools and groups can personalize them for local recipients.

The covers and first 12 pages can be customized in the print process -- see samples below and realize books are all the same after the custom pages. (All custom pages print in full color on glossy paper now.) And if you need extra pages we can add more - just ask!

We also offer unlimited customization on our 284-page PDF ebook in bulk and we're very flexible with price (as low as $2 ea. or less) ~ call 520.907.2153 to learn more!

Also download a free 67-pg PDF portion of our 266-pg paperback to see contents, layout, etc.

Learn how to order books or ebook and read more about FREE customization(in print process or with peel & stick labels using standard red books [30+ copies])

Below and other custom covers also viewable in 19-pg PDF ... or email info@fedhealth.net or call 520.907.2153 if you'd like to see some sample custom covers with custom pages in PDF.

View above samples + several others  in 19-pg PDF, learn about free customization,

find some funding ideas, learn how to order

or call 520.907.2153!

Some examples of custom books & ebooks