enews archives for 2020
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4th Qtr 2020
  (Special $15 price for limited time on FDA Authorized Covid Rapid Test Kits that provide results in 15 minutes or less; Revised our 284-pg PDF ebook as of Nov 2020; New paperback price; USFRA news and updates; First Responder tools and resources; FEMA's National Risk Index; holiday and winter safety tips and more)

3rd Qtr 2020
  (Fedhealth donating 15% of bulk orders back to your local volunteers; Customize books or ebooks with COVID-19 messaging and other preparedness & safety data for students, faculty, staff and families; National Preparedness Month theme and weekly topics; USFRA First Responders Legacy; CVN Frontline; Ready Business; Fundraising ideas for VFDs and other first reponders; Hurricane, wildfire, flood, fire and other preparedness safety tips and more)

2nd Qtr 2020
  (Customizable PDF ebook as low as $1 in bulk; Join MyUSFRA.org Networking & Commerce site; U.S. First Responders Association Programs for 2020 and beyond; Register to get deep discounts on COS' Freedom Voyager - solar charging station; Pandemic and civil unrest preparedness and response; COVID-19 operation guide for 2020 hurricane season; Severe weather and summer safety tips and more)

1st Qtr 2020
  (Medical Reserve Corps volunteers strengthen America's public health; Coronavirus (COVID-19) news and resources; Updates on Fukushima Daiichi; Fedhealth & USFRA Partners in the Spotlight; Heroes Cup Hockey spring tournament; Deploy Pro free app for CERTs, SARs & responders; Trauma for Teachers training; Google Earth View collection of our planet expanded; Tornado, flooding and wildfire tips and more)

enews archives for 2019

4th Qtr 2019
  (Planning for medical emergencies or loss of loved ones or jobs, etc.; Doing another bundled custom book print in Jan2020; Updates + lower ad pricing on USFRA D/FW book project; Some Fedhealth, FSC and USFRA partners in the spotlight; First Responder Legacy; Secret Service NTAC School safety report; FEMA's Ready Kids relaunch; Holiday food and fire safety; Winter preparedness and more)

3rd Qtr 2019
  (Active Shooter Preparedness (How to Respond); Need to use up any funds by Sep 30? Get books!; Updates on USFRA D/FW book project; NPM, FPW and ShakeOut events; Join USFRA Public Safety Alliance; Discounts and freebies for first responders and military; V-Bat drone; ultra-fast bomb detection process and more)

2nd Qtr 2019
  (New lower ad price, payment options and updates on FSC and USFRA book project for Dallas/Ft Worth; StarCom Racing and USFRA team up again at NASCAR; Jagermeister (the Official Shot of the NHL) hosted First Responders night at Dallas Stars game; NFPA consolidating emergency responder standards; Verizon 5G updates; DHS Bomb-Making Materials Awareness Program (BMAP) resources; Safety and preparedness tips about Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Flooding and more)

1st Qtr 2019
 (Launching FSC and USFRA book project for Dallas/FW area; USFRA and Jagermeister thank Florida First Responders; Forgotten survivors of hurricane Michael struggle to recover; Thank You song tribute to first responders; QuickDERM promotes rapid healing for animals; Texas City ISD using FirstNet; Reconstructing tax records after a disaster and more)

enews archives for 2018

Note: We took a hiatus from quarterly e-news in 2018

1st Qtr 2018
 (FirstNet and AT&T nationwide secure broadband network & communication tools helps first responders and communities; Preparing for nuclear incidents; New rules for WEAs includes geo-targeting; Strava fitness tracking app heat map compromises military Op-Sec; Camp4Heroes; FEMA Risk Management Series and more)

enews archives for 2017

4th Qtr 2017
  (CoCoRaHS Network wants you; Updates & resources about hurricanes & wildfires; MFD Fire Prevention shows rock; BLOCKS and childcare readiness; Preparedness picture books educate small children; Until Help Arrives free training tools help people become active participants during an emergency + more)

3rd Qtr 2017
 (Be Bear Aware - black and grizzly bear safety tips; Reducing food borne illnesses and common myths about food safety; Get books for NPM and proceeds benefit first responders; Superhero cop in fight against childhood cancer; Summer safety tips and resources and more)

2nd Qtr 2017
  (Drug Safety for First Responders (on-scene and personal safety tips); Doing bundled custom book late June; Funding Our Heroes; Primal Deity IV is here; CDC Blast Injury app; Save my Furbaby! fundraiser; CERT tools; WeatherSTEM curriculum and more)

1st Qtr 2017
  (Introducing Fedhealth Services Corp; Need custom or red books for April PrepareAthon?; Primal Deity III is here; USFRA's STRONG Relationship support group; Know Your Lemons cancer awareness campaign; Dosime radiation detection device; severe weather tips & resources and more)

enews archives for 2016

4th Qtr 2016
  (Happy holiday wishes; may do another custom book print 1Q2017 for
spring PrepareAthon and we always

have red books)
3rd Qtr 2016
  (Listeria and other foodborne disease recalls and resources; Get disaster books for Sep NPM and PrepareAthon; Allergan donates $1M worth of eye products to first responders; hospital surge evaluation tools; wearable toxic gas detectors; MRRTs, PrepHubs; Summer safety tips, etc) 
Jun 2016
 (We're back but changing to quarterly enews as of July; may do another custom book print for NPM / PrepareAthon if any needs)
Mar/Apr 2016
  (Advance Directives; Going to print soon; Disaster Nursing app; School safety plans; Virtuali-Tee; off-grid Sterile Box; severe weather preparedness tips, etc) 
Jan/Feb 2016
  (Internet of Things – Practical, Creepy or TMI; SoCal massive methane leak; NASA's FireSat; IAEA new nuclear EP&R reqs; 3D printing revolutionizes disaster response; Building Resilience with Hunter & Eve, etc)

enews archives for 2015

Nov/Dec 2015
  (Holiday food safety tips for people & pets; Mid America TEEN CERT disaster drill for scouts; Firehouse Subs Public Safety Fdn helps responders; ElNinoReady.org; Data Privacy Day, etc.)

Oct 2015
  (Water - how much do we use + purification & conservation tips; USFRA Classifieds; Disaster Staffing Toolkit; Winter prep tips; Stop the Bleed campaign; The Drinkable Book, etc.)

Aug/Sep 2015
  (College preparedness + creative ways to fund Student Clubs; More custom book samples; NPM & PrepareAthon resources; REFRESH AMERICA campaign; TACOPS, Emergency app, etc.)
Jul 2015
  (New book pricing and new custom options; Need books for NPM or PrepareAthon?; K-12 School Safety Guides; Disaster Response app; ICE4Autism; Safe Room resources, etc.)

Jun 2015
  (Data backup & recovery options and tips; SAR teams need body parts; Using #SMEM during Exercises; SKYWARN field guide; National Tribal Amateur Radio Assoc.; Ecocapsules, etc.)

Apr/May 2015
  (Our new TX address; Small custom book project nets BIG bucks; Mobi sites online; Book order changes; Free guides for EMs and School Nurses; Cybersecurity Lab game, etc.)

Mar 2015
  (Volunteer Firefighter Crisis, PrepareAthon, FirstNet updates, PTSD/TBI chat, Silent 911 call procedure, rapid Ebola test, Exo shelters, reuniting pets & families after disaster, etc.) 

Feb 2015
  (I married a mutant [understanding MTHFR]; Going to print soon; PTSD/TBI & Active shooter resources; Hashtag tips; Supercell/lightning connection; eSurge project , etc.)

Jan 2015
  (Evacuation & Sheltering tips; Data visualization, Radiation detection training + LAR tools for responders; Fukushima Unit 4 clear; Bacterial slime & bugs; preparedness app for kids, etc.)

e-news archives for 2014

Nov/Dec 2014
  (Xenex Germ-Zapping Robots; More custom book samples; Holiday cooking, fire & cyber safety tips; Active shooter detection system; free safety & continuity apps; etc.)

Oct 2014
  (Are you a germaphobe? Tips to stop spread of infectious diseases; NCSAM; FirstNet updates; new PPE guidelines for Ebola; cool disaster response rigs; Dronecode Project, etc.) 
Sep 2014
  (Shellshock Bash bug is major cyber threat; Sep & Oct awareness campaigns; Ebola resources; Youth prep + Ready - Big Hero vid; Preparedness Bingo; free app for pet parents, etc.)

Aug 2014
  (Ideas & specials for Sept National Preparedness Month + 9/30 PrepareAthon; EAI activated for Ebola outbreak, HazMat Fusion Ctr, USGS stmt on Yellowstone, Siberian pingos, etc)

Jul 2014
  (Customize up to 300 pgs in books for free; Need books for NPM? Doing a print early Aug; Disney PLANES fire safety activity book; Summer Reading options; free WebMD app, etc)

Jun 2014
  (North American Monsoon [safety tips for floods, lightning, heat, haboobs & wildfires]; Road to Ready is back; CDC Radiation preparedness; QuakeGuard; STEP for schools, etc)

May 2014
  (Rabies signs, symptoms and tips; Doing custom book print; ALERRT active shooter training, Fire-EMS suicide awareness; dogs & drones response; 50 cent paper microscope, etc)

Apr 2014
  (Heartbleed bug, National Day of Action is April 30, Biodetection Tech guide, Support Military Working Dog teams, Doom and Bloom Survival game, School AED Challenge, etc)

Mar 2014
  (Americas PrepareAthon!, Mrs Virginia International preparedness platform, snowmobile CERT, FirstNet updates, Nuke news discussion group, Baby's first earthquake kit, etc)

Feb 2014
  (Tools + links for March Severe Weather, Flood, & Tsunami Awareness weeks, Nuclear news in America, Social media tools & apps for responders, Young Meteorologist Pgm, etc)

Jan 2014
  (Fukushima updates and misinformation; Custom pages now print full color; How to rescue PC from ransomware ; The Crisis Show; earthquake resources; Nextdoor app, etc)

e-news archives for 2013

Dec 2013
  (Winter Safety tips for Pets and Livestock, National Health Security Preparedness Index, RIP Lou Angeli, ACA impacts Vol Fire Depts, evacuation simulations, apps, zombie games, etc)

Nov 2013
  (Halftime Youth Sports Network, Holiday Mail for Heroes, Updates on Typhoon Haiyan, Zombies Gone Viral, NOAA nautical maps, creepy stuff in spices, free supplies for teachers, etc)

Oct 2013
  (Protecting devices from cyber threats, Mid-America TEEN CERT, news about Deploy Pro [CERT app], VOSTs, Obamacare scams, Wildfire Hazard Scale, Twitter Alerts,  etc) 

Sep 2013
 (New custom preparedness books and ways groups use them, NPM, ShakeOut, free Wisecast TV, Active Shooter Preparedness, Ready kids, free apps and more)

Aug 2013
  (Creative ideas for National Preparedness Month, Team Red Cross app, free EM Summits, Preparing for Mass Casualty incidents, free app with Disaster Reporter, etc)

Jul 2013
  (Open For Business and OFB-EZ free planning tools, Preparis webinar on blackouts, Arizona 19, Crisis Cleanup, #SMEMchat, free apps, Powerpot, etc)

Jun 2013
  (What can you get for a nickel; Need books for National Preparedness Month? Going to print in July; PTSD Awareness Month; cool apps, games + more) 

May 2013
  (May is Celiac Awareness Month, Hurricane Preparedness Week 5/26-6/1, updated Stafford Act, FEMA Challenge winners, new custom books, tools for people with disabilities, youth, etc)

Apr 2013
  (Helping service clubs with fundraising mission, Clear out year-end budgets, CDC’s H7N9 bird flu resources, Survival Mom Radio Network, free allergy app, etc)

 Mar 2013
  (Flood Awareness, mitigation and safety tips, new blog features, CDC Solve the Outbreak app, FEMA's Sandy Response, report on al-Qaeda in the US, cool products, etc)

Feb 2013
  (Engaging Youth in Reducing Wildfire Risk; Hackers broadcast zombie alert; Tracking online habits; CBRNE, Disabilities + funding resources; Catching criminals with Pinterest, etc)

Jan 2013
  (Major security issues with Java; FEMA Challenge & 911 TV updates; Going to print - need custom books?; Great Central US ShakeOut Feb 7th; Disaster & Crisis apps, free ebooks, etc)

e-news archives for 2012

Dec 2012 
 (Our Christmas wish to you, Holiday Health & Safety tips, FEMA Challenge + 911 TV updates, webinars, Emerging EM Tech, Gone Before Gridlock, cool videos + photos, etc)

Nov 2012
  (Catastrophic Response draft plan [Public input and review sought], NINE eleven TV coming soon, cool products & services for First Responders, free apps, DepictionPrep special, etc)

Oct 2012 
(FEMA Challenge + custom book project, News “Flash”, Christmas4Troops, NCSAM, FPW, ShakeOut, HALO Summit, free apps, Earth songs, etc)

Sep 2012
  (Innovative approach to resilience; NPM; Be Ready Sunday; DC custom book in the news; Fire Prevention Week; ShakeOut; 9-11 Ground Zero Responders film; free app; etc)
Aug 2012 
 (Ideas + projects for Sept National Preparedness Month; ShakeOut drill in Oct; FEMA's Flat Stanley & Flat Stella; Drought Assistance; free Home Inventory app, etc)

Jul 2012
  (Ready Roadmap San Diego + HALO Counter-Terrorism Summit; Ticks Suck; CDC IRAT [Pan Flu tool]; CERT Liability Guide; WISER [NIH's HazMat tool]; TEEX for Kids; etc) 

Jun 2012
  (Developing your organization's disaster plan; Lightning Safety; Preparedness books for NPM; CERT Drills; Brotherhood of Disaster City; free apps, etc)

May 2012
  (Hurricanes 101 + Hurricane Preparedness Week; Going to print; Youth Preparedness; Senior Corps; Social Media tools; etc)

Apr 2012
  (New way to share ideas [free mini ebook + overview];  Closing out year-end [Jun30] budgets?; Survival Mom book review; FEMA forums; Social Media tips & tools, etc)

Mar 2012
  (Updates & Arigato from Japan; Severe Weather + Flood Awareness Weeks; HSGP Grant Supplementals; APN's 5 Principles of Preparedness; Earthquake & Flood exercises; etc)
Feb 2012
  (Faith-based communities' role in preparedness;  FEMA PPP course; Hurricane exercise; Youth Preparedness resources; Social Media tips & tools [SM4EM, hashtags & Twylah], etc)

Jan 2012
  (Fundraising + Youth Preparedness; FEMA's Whole Community Approach + Public Private Partnerships; Great Central US ShakeOut; QuakeSmart toolkit, etc)

e-news archives for 2011
 Dec 2011
(Our wish to you; Preparedness gifts ($25 or less); FEMA Think Tank; 2011 Hurricane Season in 4.5 minutes; Sesame Street videos for kids; etc)

Nov 2011
  (New Chasing4Life Training DVDs, Programs & Events; Big Dogs fundraiser; DepictionPrep is here; Mid America TEEN CERT; join USFRA; etc)

Oct 2011
  (Get Ready to ShakeOut; Christmas ideas for Troops; FEMA's National Prep Goal; Tornado exercise + drill; Rad Resilient City fallout prep cklist; etc)

Sep 30, 2011
  (Strengthening Communities; Fire Prevention Week; National Cyber Security Awareness Month; National Disaster Response Framework; EAS Test Toolkit; etc)

 Sep 23, 2011
  (Collaborative ideas for communities; Ready Indian Country; Dispatches from Afghanistan, radio appearances 9/22 thru 9/30; etc)

Sep 16, 2011
  (Open for Business; Need to spend grant $$by 9/30..?; DepictionPrep; Retrieved (a book about 9/11 search dogs); Boatlift (a film about 9/11 evacs); etc)
Sep 9, 2011
  (Are you vigilant?; 9/11: Ground Zero Responders (a film by Lou Angeli); Joplin 9/11; PTSD white paper; radio appearances, etc)
Sep 2, 2011
  (Citizen Corps + its 5 partner programs, C4L's Stronger Communities show; cool tools from FEMA; radio appearances; etc)
Aug 2011
  (Ideas for National Preparedness Month, Primal Deity on Kindle + conversation with author Allen Ozark, Change to e-news, Flood exercise, etc)
Jul 2011
  (Program supports Scouting, CERT + Rotary, NPM updates, Earthquake exercise + drill, etc)

 Jun 2011
  (Response & Recovery, Need books for NPM?, Hurricane exercise, Christian Healthcare Ministries, etc)
  May 2011
  (Special pricing helps disaster relief, Mother Nature's Fury part 2, Idea for year-end + grant dollars, online Influenza Pandemic tabletop Exercise, etc)

 Apr 2011
  (Earthquakes 101, Quakebook, webinars, exercises + drill on Tornadoes and New Madrid, survey on School EM, etc)
Mar 2011
  (Mother Nature's Fury, Mar webinars & exercises on Wildfires, Apps + Tech tools, Situational Awareness, ASL video resource, etc)

Feb 2011
  (Resources + Tools for First Responders, Feb webinars & exercises on Floods, Disabilities, CBRNE event, etc)
Jan 2011
  (Disability Resources, New printing svcs, FEMA Challenge, Formidable Footprint exercise, etc)

e-news archives for 2010

Dec 2010
 (Going to print soon, Preparedness gift ideas $25 or less, Blast Injuries, Earthquake mitigation webinar for schools, Earthquake safety video game, etc)
Nov 2010
 (American Preppers Network, FEMA Challenge, R.I.P. John Solomon, Turkey fryer safety, Center for Disaster Safety, etc)
Oct 2010
 (Formidable Footprint tabletop exercise series, Map Your Neighborhood, Primal Diety 2: Crisis Management book review, Christmas4Troops, etc)
Sep 2010
 (Citizen Corps + NPM ideas, FEMA’s Public Private Partnership, Oct is National Cyber Security Awareness Month + Fire Prevention Week, etc)

Aug 2010
 (Ideas for National Preparedness Month, GIS in Hospital & Healthcare EM book review, IBHS Open For Business planning solutions, Red Cross wiki, etc)

Jul 2010
 (Depiction mapping software, SAVE YOUR HORSE! book review, Large Animal Rescue, Primer on Situational Awareness, RailSAFE Security, etc)

Jun 2010
 (Gulf Oil Crisis, U.S. First Responders Association, Use up year-end $$, First aid for snake bites, etc)
May 2010
   (Chasing4Life Red Book Tour, Hurricane resources, First aid for stings, Handling dead bodies, etc)
Apr 2010
 (GCIS, Prepping with Celiac Disease, Gluten Free Emergency Kits, "As the Earth Hurls" [3-part series about volcanic eruptions], etc)
Mar 2010
 (Chasing4Life.org, Making the Best of Basics book review, Guest bloggers for American Preppers Network, Solar Cookers, etc)
Feb 2010
  (RubyWATCH, Primal Diety I: The Chaos Engine book review, Prepper Links, cyber news, etc)

Jan 2010
  (Haiti earthquake, Ideas for DHS and other Grant $$, new Web features, HealthMap, etc)

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