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Fedhealth is a sole source, small business registered on SAM, Ariba and other procurement systems, and we accept checks, ACH, all major cards and Paypal.

* = Delivered price is within continental U.S. ~ we can provide freight estimates on quotes, etc.

See some custom samples or partial Client list, learn how to order or please call Fedhealth at 520.907.2153 to brainstorm about how we can help your efforts. 

As always … we are completely open to ANY idea that gets this data into the public's hands and benefits your organization, our country and our nation’s heroes.

Download a free 67-page PDF portion of our 266-pg It's A Disaster! book to see

contents, layout, several topics, etc.


See how the Catholic Charities of Arkansas customized their cover & first 10+ pages

for their communities a few years ago

(the rest of their 260+ page book was same as our red book)

Bulk price on the paperback is only $5.00  U.S. each delivered* (~70% off $14.99 list) when purchasing 30 or more copies, plus Fedhealth offers FREE customization, match benefits if using grants + more.

We also customize our interactive PDF ebook in bulk starting at $5.00  U.S. each. (or less) so you can combine this lifesaving data with uplifting messages and resources for recipients. Learn how to order ... or keep reading for ways to fund your organization.

Help families get prepared and fund your faith-based organization

For over 20 years Fedhealth has been helping families and communities learn what to do before, during and after most types of emergencies and disasters including flooding, hurricanes, wildfires, infectious diseases, active shooter scenarios, civil unrest and more with our customizable preparedness and first aid book and ebook.

Some faith-based groups customize our 266-page paperback (or PDF ebook) and give them to volunteers, families and communities ... while others use our funding ideas (including an easy Affiliate Program associated with our ebook) to help support their on-going efforts. (We can even do a custom ebook  for your group - see below!)

how to order custom Its A Disaster books

Funding ideas for faith-based groups and others

We have several fundraisers including an easy way to help families and communities get more prepared while supporting your church, VOAD, youth group or others with our Affiliate Program. Earn 30% or $1.50 on each $5.00 U.S. digital ebook sold online and there is no charge to join (and read below!) Learn more about our Affiliate Program ... and ...

Want a custom ebook / landing page for your faith-based organization?

If your nonprofit has a large number of volunteers, members and/or families and you'd like a custom landing page to offer a free custom ebook portion with your own custom cover + custom e-pages in front with your special messages, services, links and more, as well as a full custom ebook to earn 30% on each $5.00 ebook (similar to pages we‘ve done for USFRA.org, the National Self Reliance Project and others), please email us or call 520.907.2153 to discuss this further.

We also pay $$$ on referred bulk ebook and bulk paperback orders too!