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Download a free 67-page PDF portion of our 266-pg It's A Disaster! book to see contents, layout, several topics, etc.

Now organizations, businesses, social media influencers and others with a large member, volunteer, customer and/or fan base can request a custom version of their ebook (including a free landing page if needed) so you can raise funds for yourselves (or others) and help people get prepared.

We can customize our 280+ PDF ebook (at NO CHARGE to you) with your personalized cover (including your own title) and custom e-pages filled with your products & services, special messages, safety and marketing data, Sponsors' and Partners' data, links, videos + more for your members, fans and others.

Once finalized we will provide you a special shopping cart link you can program on your site(s) so you can offer your custom ebook for $5.00 each (~70% off $14.99 list) ... and we’ll donate 30% back to you or a charity of your choice (or give a 30% discount to your people, or split the 30% as a discount to your people and a donation to you or a charity, etc.)

You can even include ads or sponsorship data from your partners and keep $$$ for yourself or your foundation / charity since we'll include the data for free.

We can also design a 60+ page portion of your custom ebook if you'd like to offer that for free, and we welcome any other ideas too.

Fedhealth also offers  15% and 30% referrals on any bulk paperback and bulk ebook orders.

See a couple designs by the U.S. First Responders Association and the National Self Reliance Project, and please email us or call 520.907.2153 to discuss how we can collaborate to benefit your organization or company and your members, fans and others.

custom Its A Disaster books ebooks

If above funding ideas aren't of interest, consider ordering custom books or ebooks for your members, volunteers, customers and communities at deeply discounted pricing - learn more or call 520.907.2153 since we are completely flexible.

With close to a million copies in circulation and millions in cash and match donations to First Responders, volunteers and nonprofit organizations, we are always exploring innovative ways to collaborate with others to help our nation "be aware, be prepared, and have a plan".

See some custom samples or our partial Client list, learn how to order or please call Fedhealth at 520.907.2153 to discuss how we can help get North America more prepared and help your on-going efforts. 

Proceeds benefit USFRA.org

For over 20 years Fedhealth has been helping families and communities learn what to do before, during and after most types of emergencies and disasters with our customizable preparedness and first aid book and ebook.

Many public and private sector entities personalize our paperback and PDF ebook in bulk for their staff, volunteers, members and communities ... and others use our funding ideas to help support their on-going efforts. 

For example, groups can earn 30% (or $1.50) on each $5.00 ebook sold online using an easy affiliate link and a banner or image. (The $5 ebook price is ~70% off $14.99 list.)

Would you like a custom ebook designed for FREE...?

Help your members, fans and communities get prepared and fund your organization or charity of your choosing