What are YOU gonna do about...

an  Active Shooter  (3 pg PDF)

Bleeding  (2 pg PDF)

Choking  (2 pg PDF)
 an Earthquake  (4 pg PDF)
 an Evacuation  (3 pg PDF)
  a Family Emergency Checklist & Plan  (6 pg PDF)
  a Flood  (3 pg PDF)
Hurricane  (6 pg PDF)

 Infectious Diseases  (flu, coronaviruses, staph, etc)  (4 pg PDF)
a Tornado  (3 pg PDF)
a Wildfire  (2 pg PDF)


View IT'S A DISASTER! Table of Contents  (7 pg PDF)

IT'S A DISASTER! ...and what are YOU gonna do about it? 5th Edition" helps families and businesses "be aware, be prepared, and have a plan" for most types of emergencies and disasters (e.g. floods, hurricanes, infectious diseases [like flu, COVID-19, staph, etc.], wildfires, active shooter scenarios and more.)

Look inside Its A Disaster preparedness first aid book

The 266-page customizable paperback provides quick-reference instructional bullets in 2-color format. It is not written to alarm people, rather it suggests tips on what to think about and do before, during and after specific types of scenarios, as well as how to administer basic first aid.

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Look inside IT'S A DISASTER! ...

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