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Proceeds benefit the U.S. First Responders Association

Its A Disaster customizable book

Customizable Disaster Preparedness and First Aid book and ebook


IT’S A DISASTER! ...and what are YOU gonna do about it? is a unique customizable disaster preparedness and basic first aid manual for businesses, agencies, volunteers, nonprofits, schools and others to help whole communities prepare for the unexpected.

The book and ebook both qualify as public education under most grants, and they can be customized for free to include local plans, safety, preparedness and recovery messaging, marketing or COVID-19 specific data, or any other information you’d like for staff, volunteers and communities - esp. for events like health fairs, expos, meetings, National Preparedness Month, etc.

With nearly a million  copies in circulation and millions in cash and match donations to First Responders, volunteers and nonprofit organizations, Fedhealth constantly explores new and innovative ways to collaborate with others to help the nation "be aware, be prepared, and have a plan."

Bulk price on the 266-page paperback is only $5 U.S. each delivered* (~70% off $14.99 list) when purchasing 28 or more copies (1 case = 28 books), and we customize books for FREE.

Our 284-page interactive ebook in PDF is also only $5 each ... and we offer free customization on bulk PDF ebooks (discounted as low as $2 each)   

Download a free 67-pg portion of book in PDF and/or a 1-page handout with pricing, programs, etc. Also learn about our funding ideas... or ...

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Proceeds benefit the U.S. First Responders Association

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