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Its A Disaster customizable book

A Whole Community Approach to Preparedness


IT’S A DISASTER! ...and what are YOU gonna do about it? is a unique customizable disaster preparedness and basic first aid manual for businesses, agencies, volunteers, nonprofits, schools and others to help whole communities prepare for the unexpected.

Bulk price on the 266-page paperback is only $5 U.S. each delivered* (~70% off $14.99 list) when purchasing 30 or more copies (1 case = 30 books), and we customize books for FREE.

Our 284-page interactive ebook in PDF is also only $5 each ... and we offer free customization on bulk PDF ebooks (discounted as low as $2 each)

Download a free 67-pg portion of book in PDF and/or a 1-page handout with pricing, programs, etc. Also learn about our Affiliate Program and other funding ideas... or ...

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